Let's re-orient your relationship with your stellar imprint

Decolonizing Astrology and Human Design

Leverage the emergent patterns of your planetary wisdom

So you can TRANSFORM YOUR RELATIONSHIP with Time and the Cosmos

  • Gain deeper awareness into your patterns and rhythms

  • Learn how your initiated wisdom informs your career

  • Increase clarity on how to apply this knowledge in your life

✨Book a 2hr Astrology + Human Design Reading✨

Includes 2 weeks of VIP

asynchronous Integration coaching

What's included:

We go over your Human Design profile and look at Astrology, paying particular attention to your Jupiters in relation to abundance and your career. And we can dive into something that’s emergent in your life right now (see the suggested list or ask about your current transits).

☉ Recording of the session

☉ Transcript of the session

☉ Decolonizing Time Mini-Course (prerequisite. $55 value)

☉ Edgewalkers Handbook “Lite” Version, 18 pages ($50 Value)

☉ Radical Rest Handbook, 80 pages ($150 value)

☉ You'll receive a PDF with Natal Astrology Chart, Human Design Chart, Gene Keys Chart, and a full Natal report and 6 months of transits. (It's worthy of binding, about 60+ pages, $150 Value)

☉You'll also have VIP access to me via Telegram for 2 weeks after the reading for any follow-up questions and reflections. This is the most valuable part of the reading. The place for you to integrate your insights from the reading into wisdom as we connect the patterns that emerge from your reading. ($750 value)


2-hour Reading + VIP Integration

TODAY = $555

Your info

Topics we can explore:

☉ Deepening your senses and pattern recognition

☉ Learning how to slow down/Surfing your biorhythms

☉ Create a Lunar-cycle tracking journal

☉ Explore your Astrology + Human Design/Gene Keys in relation to your work in the world

☉ Tuning your relationship with plant medicine in relation to your planet's aspects to plan your sacred medicine ceremony (Herbal and Holotropic Astrology trained)

☉ Get my insight on something that’s going on in your business or personal life

I've been studying astrology since I was 8 years old. And I was immersed in Mayan Cosmovision all growing up. My therapist of 10 years was a master astrologer and I Ching researcher. Then for my Master's, Rick Tarnas was my astrology professor, accompanied by Stan Grof at CIIS. So when I came to Human Design and Gene Keys a few years ago, I am well-prepared to synthesized my understanding of patterns in our lives so you deepen your relationship with the planets and cosmos.

Looking forward to exploring your chart! Thank you ✨ Ixchel

Some of my Astrology and Human Design Mentors:

Stan Grof and Richard Tarnas
Renn Butler
Adam Sommer
Unlock Your Design - Business by Design
Becca Tarnas
Unlock Your Design - Business by Design
Unlock Your Design - Bella Crystal
Becca Tarnas
Gene Keys Richard Rudd
Unlock Your Design - Business by Design
Unlock Your Design - Bella Crystal



✨ Decolonial Time Mender ✨

...and I know what’s possible when we give ourselves Time and Space for Rest

As the oldest (Gen Xer) of a vast mixed family, I learned to create belonging (and lots of spicy food) by weaving on-the-ground politics; deep training in ancestral ways of being and plant medicine; and exploring shared stories written in the fabric of Time. For nearly 3 decades I’ve committed myself to social justice work, organizing for communities of culture and serving in local politics.

My first twenty years I learned it wasn’t safe to be seen as I fought to survive in a world where I felt I wasn’t invited and didn’t belong.

“Every blade of grass has its Angel that bends over it and whispers, Grow, Grow.”

— The Talmud

Yet through conscious daily practice in the company of many angels in differing forms over the last thirty-five years I discovered strength in surrounding myself with the community of others (including people, plants and pollinators) that helped me feel a sense of belonging — re-membering how to feel safe in my skin and embedded in the natural world while being ok with the discomfort of dismantling systems on the daily.

“We are the ones

we’ve been waiting for.”

— Alice Walker

quoting June Jordan


I have developed a keen sense of centering justice, emergence, decolonizing, interconnectedness. I view the world, our bodies and our Work as emergent as we create new, just ways of thriving. I can help you dance with the cycles and flow in your life, helping you deepen your leadership capacities from this space of integration and interconnectedness too.

As a Neuro-Emergent, Mestize Writer, Coach, and Guide, I bring a diverse skillset to support you in creating decolonial business practices.

With 25+ years as a webdeva, a Certified Feminist Copywriter from Kelly Diels, Certified Master Marketer, from Funnel Gorgeous & Certified High-Flow Coach from the Flow Research Collective, I bring an integrated, holistic approach to your strategy, leadership, & marketing.

Flow rituals to thrive with a planet in transition.

In addition to the supportive skillset & certifications above, I also bring 40+ years of planetary wisdom in relationship with Western and Mayan Astrology, plus Human Design insights to help you tune into your natural cycles & rhythms to cultivate more flow & ease as you grow your company and culture.

I know the consequences of when we go-go-go...

I know all too well what it means to girlboss too close to the sun and crash because of it.

  • I was the first Mestize Vice-Mayor of my city, I learned to become comfortable being a first and only in the room, taking the opportunity to hold the door for more BIPOC leaders to enter.

  • With decades of tech experience as a web deva and political activist and organizer, I co-founded the Tech and Telecomm Committee for my city.

  • Between 2009-2013 I was appointed to serve on two San Francisco Bay Area government boards where I enacted progressive social and environmental policy for approximately 11 million people, including shifting stigma to sway my colleagues on the Board of Directors to fund the suicide net for the Golden Gate Bridge.

  • In 2011-12, I even ran for congress.

A little more about me…

  • My Land Lineage is written below...

  • I also hold a Masters degree in Philosophy, Cosmology and Consciousness from the California Institute of Integral Studies (with a focus on Integral Ecology) and a B.A. in Gender + Women Studies from Mills College, and I'm certified in Permaculture Design, PLUS, I am Fellow of the Leadership Institute for Just and Resilient Communities.

  • I’m a permaculturalist, I love growing herbs and plant dyes for the bees and butterflies (I wrote book on it), and making alchemical herbal medicines.

  • I like to spin yarn, and avidly collect indigenous textiles. I ran an ethical pashmina business in Nepal.

  • My Spanish is terrible, and French is a lingering memory, thanks to my parents assimilation. But I speak several coding languages and Astrology and I’m learning my Indigenous ancestors languages, K’iche Mayan and Runasimi (Quechua).

  • At a mighty 4’10”, I'm an Indigenous, Queer, vision-impaired, neuro-emergent medicine carrier. As a survivor of significant childhood trauma, (ACE-Q score is 10+6), my life’s work is infused with JEDI activism (Justice-centering, Emergence, Decolonizing, Interconnecting).

All that to say…

I weave together Anti-Racist Decolonial Feminist business practices (this is NOT white woman feminism), initiated leadership strategies, and the best of neuroscience together to help Edgewalkers like you decolonize and reclaim your time, skip the burnout and liberate your Flow.

This dyadic process isn’t prescriptive. You’re not learning what worked for me.

Cultivate your rituals around how Flow works for you, your cycles, your rhythm and pace, and your biology, while unlearning the colonial systems that disrupt your natural states of being.

Why? Because Biology scales.

(hat tip to Steven Kotler)

And when your biology scales… so does your impact.

Your Sanctuary to Thrive in Wild Presence with a Planet in Transition

Stay wild, love fiercely. Your presence is golden.

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Land Lineage

I was raised and bore children on the traditional, unceded and stolen lands of the Coast and Central Valley Miwok (colonized as Petaluma, CA) and Nisenan (colonized as Sacramento and Fair Oaks, CA), past, present, and future. I also write, work, and live in the rugged, highland forest of the traditional, unceded and stolen lands of the Mixetec Ñuu Savi (people of the rain) and Zapoteco Ben’Zaa (people of the clouds), past present and future, in what is known as Oaxaca, Mexico.